A Powerful Platform for Precision Ag Service Providers

Precision HQ is a single integrated system for managing hardware, software, and services sales and profitability. It consolidates dealer financials, CRM processes, ERP functions, and e-commerce into one system that supports the distinct blend of transactional and subscription sales of precision ag providers.

Powered by NetSuite®, the scalable Precision HQ solution is cloud-based for improved efficiency and reduced costs. Its single sales, finance, and service management database contains all the information needed to deliver products, services, and subscriptions and to increase customer renewals.

                                                                                         Trimble Precision Ag Case Study Video

The Precision HQ feature set is optimized for precision ag dealers’ unique needs, incorporating Iron Solutions’ deep equipment dealer vertical expertise, critical market data and benchmarks, integrated marketing, analytics, workflows, and customizations.


Cloud-based Precision HQ eliminates the risks and errors of spreadsheet-based processes or unsophisticated financial systems. It gives dealers the visibility they need through its real-time analytical and dashboard reporting in order to improve their forecasting and planning.

Dealers can leverage Precision HQ to automate the provisioning and renewal processes for devices and customers, based on pre-defined service windows. This enables dealers to monetize customers through upgrades,cross-selling, and advanced item pricing management features.

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