FRANKLIN, TN – August 1, 2016 – Iron Solutions®, the creator of IRON Guides®, IRON HQ® and a full suite of equipment data and software products, announced today the launch of its redesigned Official Guide.

The new and improved Official Guide will supersede Real-Time and Mobile Guides and will continue as IRON Guide’s next-generation agricultural equipment valuation guide.

The new Official Guide offers faster performance, an improved user interface, access from both desktop and mobile devices and Web browsers, historical values and several other new features. It is also capable of integrating with third-party software applications. The Official Guide will offer three subscriptions levels: Basic Appraisal, 5-Step Appraisal and 5-Step Appraisal Plus Market Forecast.

The 5-Step Appraisal subscription includes adjustments for margin, price optimization, floor planning, listings of comparable units and dealer preferences in creating appraisals, all based upon the 5-Step Appraisal process in the print edition.

The 5-Step Appraisal Plus Market Forecast subscription adds the ability to project the future value of a piece of equipment when creating an individual appraisal.

The updates and added features result in a fully automated tool that is easy to use and provides even greater valuation insight for dealers as they appraise equipment and manage margins on transactions.

In addition, Iron Solutions will provide options for Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) and IRON Search Buyers Guide (ISBG) appraisals in the new Official Guide.

Iron Solutions continues to develop cutting-edge valuation tools that will build upon its extensive history of innovation in serving Ag dealers. This follows the recent launch of the IRON Guides Used Residual Value Calculator, which offers dealers a deeper level of insight into the future valuation of full used inventory.

The Official Guide Basic Appraisal is available now in the U.S. and Canada. The remaining subscription levels are expected to be available in the Fall. Current Real-Time Guide users will be scheduled for transition to the new product in the coming months. For more information, visit:

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Iron Solutions, a Trimble Company, provides market intelligence and a suite of integrated, cloud-based enterprise services that drive efficiency to increase returns on investment for agricultural retailers, growers and agronomic advisors. Iron Solutions is a leading supplier of agricultural and construction equipment valuation and financial risk management information through half a century of providing this information via its IRON Guides. Iron Solutions’ services include IRON HQ®, IRON Guides® and IRON Search®, a marketplace for buyers and sellers of agricultural and construction equipment. Headquartered in the U.S. with offices in Canada, Iron Solutions provides services to manufacturers and their finance companies, dealer networks, insurance, finance and government customers. Iron Solutions headquarters is located at 660 Bakers Bridge Avenue, Suite 200, Franklin, TN 37067-6567.

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